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Take the deep dive into the essence of Nur. Illuminate your exterior, while igniting your soul's inner light. Let your radiance shine from within.

Aleya Akhran, Owner

Aleya Akhran's remarkable journey began in the lush landscapes of Guyana and culminated in the bustling streets of Washington D.C., where she fused her love for nature with modern healthcare. With over 12 years of nursing experience, Aleya dedicated herself to compassionate care, but her true calling emerged when she combined her expertise in skincare and nutrition, advocating a belief that beauty and well-being stem from within.

In 2023, she breathed life into her dream by opening Nur Aesthetics & Wellness Spa in the heart of the D.C. Metropolitan area, an oasis reflecting the tranquility of her Indigenous and Indian roots. Aleya's holistic approach to beauty ensures that clients leave her spa rejuvenated, not only on the surface but also at their core.


As a licensed nurse and community educator, she regularly hosts workshops, enlightening her community about the harmonious relationship between skincare, nutrition, and holistic health. In the ceaseless rhythm of Washington, D.C., Aleya Akhran stands as a beacon, reminding us of the serene balance between nature, body, and soul.

Discover why women and men in the DC metropolitan area are embracing the power of self-care and making regular visits to our spa. With their busy lives, they understand the importance of good skincare and how it boosts confidence, enhances natural beauty, and promotes overall well-being. Experience the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation as we pamper you with our personalized treatments, helping you radiate inside and out. Join the self-care evolution today!

Where to Find Us
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In the ever-evolving world of beauty and relaxation, Nur Aesthetics & Wellness has gracefully emerged as a beacon for those in search of unparalleled pampering and transformative treatments. Situated at the intersection of luxury and tranquility, this spa has masterfully cultivated an ambiance where every guest feels truly valued, ensuring that superior customer service is not just an add-on, but an intrinsic part of the experience.


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